Collection of movies recorded at BL40XU (MPEG movies)

The power of the x-ray beam at BL40XU amounts to more than 1 kW/mm2. These motion pictures clearly show the power.

Air fluorescence : The x-ray beam causes ionization of nitrogen in air. The ionized nitrogen molecule emits beautiful blue light. Behind the beam are a solenoid shutter and a rotating disk shutter.

Burning a paper : The flux density is so high that a paper catches a fire immediately.

Melting lead : The beam can heat and melt lead.

Boiling water : The beam boils water. Note that only the area where the beam passes is boiling and producing bubbles.

Cutting a paper : The beam can be used to cut a sheet of paper.

Writing letters on a paper : By moving the sheet of paper and opening and closing the x-ray shutter, it is possible to write letter.

An MPEG-1 movie shown on an open day in April 2003 : With Japanese texts.

A movie shown on an open day in April 2003 (Windows Media Movie) : With Japanese narration.

The charming beamline scientist